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Finger Lakes fishing trip may result with an encounter of the following species brown trout,coho salmon,lake trout,rainbow trout,king salmon,landlocked salmon,walleye,bass,and perch

Ice Fishing In New York State

   When the winter blues set in and the weather warms up a bit a trip out on the ice to do some fishing will take away the cabin fever and provide a great day of enternaiment. Ice fishing has really changed with all new and modern gadgets available. Underwater Cameras and portable fish finders, new and improved tip ups, as well as gps units to find your favorite spots. Gas and electric powered ice augers to get you fishing ASAP. New breakthroughs in eye wear to stop glare and great advancements in clothing to keep you dry and warm. Wind proof portable ice tents and propane heaters to keep you warm when needed. You dont have to be miserable any more when ice fishing.

ice fishing
ice fishing

   In the old days we took a couple five gallon buckets a couple jigging rods some live bait minnows, wax worms, or spikes and hand auger, and an axe in case you got something really really big. If needed you could chop a bigger hole, it does happen a big northern or a big muskie even a 10 or 12 pound bass can be taken through the ice. The most targeted species when ice fishing are perch, walleye, crappies, and bluegills. Anything can be caught througth the ice pickerel, trout, and even landlocked salmon. If it swims it's gotta eat.

ice fishing
ice fishing

   Make sure the ice is safe personaly I dont recomend going out on less than 6 inches of ice should you venture out on less please check the depth as you move around warm springs or underwater currents can create thin spots or even open water patches docks with bubblers should be avoided as that would be very unsafe. Ice fishing is best done with a friend or a small group no one should venture out on the ice alone a good strong rope is also a great addition to your supplies as a saftey measure in case trouble arises.

   When ice fishing, the fish tend to group on the deep edges of the weedlines in 10 to 15 feet of water . Perch can be found on the bottom almost lake wide but they are in perpetual motion chasing the baitfish they are among the most active of the species in winter. Pike and pickerel can be caught using tip ups with bass or pike minnow set up in the weed beds as they will cruise the weeds looking for an easy meal. Year after year the same spots are magnets for the fish. When fishing a new lake you will see groups on fisherman and thats where the fish are lots of room no need to crowd. Local baits shops are also a wealth of information as to which lakes have a hot bite and what baits or lures are getting the job done. Don't be afraid to stop in and ask . Buying a few extra items to add to your tackle bag each time you go is a great way to build up a good arsenal it beats spending $500.00 bucks in one shot .

   If you have never been ice fishing and would like to try I suggest hiring a guide to learn from and learn the ins and outs, and if you don't like it you will not have invested a lot of your hard earned money in equipmnet. On the other hand if you do you will have a head start on what you need to get going on your own. Some guides also offer ice fishing adventures in addition to their open water charters. Fishing is a year round sport and can be enjoyed as such. Below is a list of guides and the lakes they fish on.

Lucky Buck Fishing Charters
Phone 1-315-481-2320

Ice fishing trips with Captain Robert Carter on DeRuyter Reservoir and Cazenovia Lake for perch, walleye, crappies, bluegills, and pickerel.

Sweet Melissa Charters.com
Phone 1-585-905-6252

Ice fishing trips with Captain Michael Fiorentino on Conesus, Honeoye, Cayuga, Irondequoit Bay, for perch, walleye, crappies, bluegills, northern pike, and pickerel.

Nessmuk’s Wilderness Guides
Phone 1-218-556-3809

Ice fishing trips with Guide Scott Gardner on Lake Placid and the Adirondacks we have an unlimited number of cold and warm water lakes and ponds that are great locations for fishing through the ice for Pike, Walleye, Perch, Spring Smelt, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Salmon!

Lake George Charter Fishing
Phone 1-518-636-5253

Ice fishing trips with Captain Ed Lockharton on Lake George fishing for Trout and Salmon but the Yellow Perch and Northern Pike fishing can also be enjoyed. During your trip, your guide will instruct you on methods of ice fishing that will work on any lake. How to set up your tip ups for optimum results, lure types and jigging methods are important for success on Lake George.

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