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   The date was September 25, 2005 when Alex Burmistrov from Slingerlands, NY caught this 21 pound carp from Mohawk River. He and a friend were fishing for carp using carp doughballs made from oatmeal. They caught several carp that night but this was the biggest one.They were fishing in the area near lock 6 in Latham, NY. Carp are very fun to catch and can be found in most of the waters of N.Y. State.
Alex Burmistrov from Slingerlands, NY caught this 21 pound carp from Mohawk River

Carp Fishing In NY

  Carp are not a native species to NY waters. They were introduced into New York State waters in 1831 from Asia. They are now found in most all of the states lakes and rivers. The carp inhabiting NY's waters can grow very large and some specimens may reach a weight of over 50 pounds. The New York State record Carp weighed an amazing 50 lb. 4 oz. It was caught by Charles Primeau, Sr. while fishing in the Tomhannock Reservoir on 05/12/95. He was using a Night Crawler for bait.

   Late spring is when the carp begin the spawning process. Carp will spawn in weedbeds or grassy shallows. When spawning they will thrash about wildly and even leap out of the water like a salmon. A large female carp will produce over 10 million eggs.

   Carp feed on a variety of foods including plants, insects, fish eggs, smaller baitfish, worms and crusteaceans. Anglers fishing for carp often make doughballs to use as bait they also will use whole kernel corn where it is allowed.

   Most all of New Yorks lakes and rivers support a pouplation of carp however, some of the best waters to fish for carp are the Hudson River, New Croton Reservoir, Amawalk Reservoir, Rondout Reservoir, Belmont Lake, Peconic River, Tomhannock Reservoir, Susquehanna River, Chemung River, Goodyear Lake, Sacandaga Reservoir, Saratoga Lake, Mohawk River, Lake Ontario, Cayuga Lake, Lake Erie, Kinzua Reservoir, Cuba Lake, Chautauqua Lake, Allegheny River, Niagara River, and the Erie Canal.

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Carp Fishing In NY
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