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The Finger Lakes region has fantastic fishing for lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, landlocked salmon, Bass, yellow perch, and northern pike
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Fishing Lamoka and Waneta Lakes

  Waneta and Lamoka Lakes are located between Keuka and Seneca Lakes. Both lakes were formed by the same glaciers that formed the Finger Lakes, but on a much smaller scale. Sometimes know as the minor or baby Finger Lakes, they are not deep enough to support a trout fishery, but are a fantastic warm water habitat. Both lakes are linked by a canal that is right on County Route 23. The DEC has a launch for each lake one on each side of the road. These two lakes are very popular with bass fisherman and can be very crowded on the weekends.

  Both lakes have substantial fish populations comprised by the following species of fish. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Muskellunge, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseeds, Bluegills, Black and White Crappies, Brown Bullhead, Red Bellied Sunfish, Catfish, and Carp. Golden Shiners and Alewife (sawbelly) constitute the main forage base. This is one of the few relatively shallow lakes with such a forage base and is partly responsible for the fantastic growth rate these fish have. Muskies of over 40 pounds have been taken here and bass near the 10 pound mark are caught here as well.

  These smaller lakes have considerable development of the shorelines with summer cottages. This results in a lot of congestion on the lake in the summer, but early spring and late fall fisherman will have the lake to themselves.

Pictured here is Alecia Orcutt of Elmira, NY. It was Alecia's first outing in her Dad's new boat
Pictured here is Alecia Orcutt of Elmira, NY. It was Alecia's first outing in her Dad's new boat. She was fishing with worms for sunfish and bluegills at Waneta Lake when this nice bass hit. She had one heck of a time reeling it in, and was screaming the whole time. With a little help from Dad, she finally got it in. After a few quick photos, the fish was released to grow even bigger.

 Alex Bottcher of Elmira, NY was fishing from a kayak on the west shore of Waneta Lake on September 22, 2007 when he caught this incredible muskie. The fish was was 38 inches long and weighed in at an amazing 14 lbs. He was using an artificial lure for bait. After a fierce and lengthy battle he was able to land this wonderful trophy.

  If you decide to try kayak fishing please wear a life vest all times and be on the look out for other boaters who may not be aware of your presence.

Alex Bottcher of Elmira, NY was fishing from a kayak on the west shore of Waneta Lake on September 22, 2007 when he caught this incredible muskie.

  Smallmouth Bass populations exist in both lakes. On Lamoka the smallmouth bass are mostly found along the eastern shoreline. On Waneta Lake the smallmouth bass are more plentiful and are found lake wide, but a larger concentration of fish will be found at the northern end of the lake. This fine specimen was taken on Lamoka Lake on the east side. He was caught on a perch minnow while fishing for perch. This one was released to fight again.

  Crappies populations are plentiful in both lakes. This fine specimen was caught in Waneta Lake on the west side off the lake on the edge of the weedline which was at a depth of about 12 feet. At this location there a huge tree was casting a shadow on the water. This fine crappie was taken on a perch minnow fished on a slip float set about 7 feet deep.This was one of many caught and released on that day. This is a very productive way to catch crappies when they are not very active also perch, bluegill, and bass will be mixed in with your catch.

  Ice fishing is fantastic on both of these wonderful lakes. Lamoka Lake has some great ice fishing near the island on the north end.The lake is spring feed here and it is a fish magnet in the winter, but be careful the ice is not nearly as thick on this part of the lake. The southern end of Lamoka Lake has a canal that links it to Bradford Pond. This pond offers the first ice and can be very productive. Waneta Lake has good ice fishing on the southern end near the canal but the ice sometimes will be thin here as well. Ice fishing is a very popular sport here in the winter with many fisherman often congregating in a small area.!

ice fishing
  This is the results of a good days ice fishing on Lamoka Lake. Perch, Bluegill, Crappies, Pickerel all are fun on short ice jigging rods with 2 pound test line. Hard water fishing as it is called by the die hard fisherman can be quite fun but be sure the ice is safe and use the buddy system. Don't go alone. An ice auger and a five gallon bucket who knew it could be so much fun. Due to the mild winters of the last few years the ice fishing season has been short. Don't wait if you get the chance go go go!

  Chain Pickerel populations are very abundant in both lakes. Look for pickerel near weedbeds and around brush piles and docks. Don't be surprised to have a lure or two bitten off by these aggressive fish they have razor sharp teeth and are often caught by crappie and bass fisherman on spinners and jigs and will even hit a plastic worm later in the season.

  These nice Pickerel were caught in Lamoka Lake near the end of May on a Shad Rapp. I had never used one before but after this day I was sold on them and always have a few handy they work well for trout and bass as well wow they ate it up that day ! It was a bright and sunny day and the pickerel were suspended down about 6 feet on the outside edge of the weedline. This was some real fast and furious action. Crank baits will always have a place in my tackle box from now on!

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