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  Submit a fishing photo, and if we use your photo we will send you a NY Fisherman fishing hat. All photos freshwater or saltwater are welcome. Please include a small narrative about your photo. E mail photos to webmaster@nyfisherman.net
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 The NY Fisherman web site started out in 1997 as my own home page. The original idea was to share my own fishing photos and experiences. My site was chosen as site of the month. This gave my site lots of exposure and I began to get request to post photos from visitors.

 I began to post the photos and added a message board so that the guest to my web site could ask questions and share information. I would often receive emails asking me where and when was the best time to go fishing. After replying to countless emails I decided to post the information as articles.

 I set up the month by month fishing synopsis explaining the various fishing options that would become available at diffrent times of the year.

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 Slowly the site was changing. It was taking on a whole new look and direction. It wasn't about me anymore, but all about the fantastic fishing the whole state of NY has to offer.

  From these humble beginings the NY Fisherman website was created. We hope to continue to grow and provide you the best and most accurate fishing information available. Making the best choices will help you to spend your valuable recreational time enjoying the fantastic fishing New York has to offer.

show me previous fishing photos
show me more fishing photos

 Please feel free to use the quick nav buttons at the top of each page to browse our photos. We currently have over 150 photos with articles and are adding more daily. If you would like to add yours E mail your photo to webmaster@nyfisherman.net and please include a small informative narrative about your adventure.

NY Fishing Charters And Fishing Guides

Welcome to the NY Fisherman we will help you get the most out of your fishing dollars and limited recreational time. We offer a free and unique service you wont find on other sites.We will host your fishing photos and let you tell your story at the same time. when ever possible we provide links back to the the local merchants and attractions
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