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July Fishing In NY

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  The dog days of summer have arrived. Most fishing now is early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Some of the more dedicated fisherman will fish at night. Lots of smaller ponds and lakes have developed a lot of weed growth by now and are hard or impossible to fish unless you use weedless set ups.

   The hot spot now is the Lake Ontario trout and salmon fishing. Trolling for these fish is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon or evening. The cool depths of Lake Ontario offer a comfortable temperature. and food supply to these fish.They may be any where between 40 and 100 feet deep so a good fish finder and temperature probe is a must. It is also a good idea to monitor the local fisherman on the cb and listen to what they are using how deep they are fishing , and how fast they are trolling.

  A wide variety of spoons and plugs are a must as these fish can and will be picky. A lot of fisherman use Witch Tape on the spoons to match the colors that seem to be working for other fisherman. One day it will be green the next orange or gold. The color of the dipseys and or flashers will also be critical so dont be afraid to try another color. In the last year or two cut bait has been taking a lot of big fish and is being taken seriously with all the charter captains.

  Here is Brian Erway of Pine Valley New York with a very nice Lake Trout. This fish was caught July 10, 2001 about 7 miles off shore from Point Breeze, Lake Ontario on a charter boat. As you can see it was a beautiful day, but the wind was a big factor and it made it hard to get the proper trolling speed. We only seemed to catch fish when we trolled north so it was a bit slower than normal but still it was an awesome day.
Brian Erway Lake Ontario Trout

38 pound Lake Ontario Salmon
  Craig Rice of Canton, Ohio was fishing Lake Ontario on July 15, 2002. He was fishing with Charter Captain Bob Stevens of Sunrise II out of Oak Orchard. This was his second year fishing with Captain Bob, and he wasn't disapointed either. He managed to hook and land this monster 38 pound King Salmon.

    "The fishing started a little slow with our first bite at about nine A.M. Then after fifteen minutes I lost the fish. It was probably another hour and a half before the next bite John took the pole and started fighting the fish. About ten seconds had passed and a second fish hit and I took the pole. Around a half an hour later John landed a nice 27 lb. King ( thats a hard act to follow ) ten minutes after that I finally landed the 38 Lb. HOG. These were the only two fish we took that day and had no more bits. As the old saying goes ....... TWO OUT OF THREE AINT BAD." Craig Rice

    Here is a photo of Lake Ontario fishing at its finest. The date was July 15, 2002, Craig Rice of Canton, Ohio, and his very good friend John Ross of Aurora, Ohio and caught this 38 and 27 pound King Salmon on this same trip, both fish hit at the same time as well.
38 pound Lake Ontario Salmon

    The Oswego Harbor is a great place for night fishing for big walleyes . Trolling spoons and stickbaits at night in the bay and the river work very well. If you fish at night use the buddy system, wear a life jacket,and use extreme caution. Dont take chances. Fishing for bass at night with topwater baits like a jitterbug is also productive method this time of year. Night fishing from shore with night crawlers can result in some big catfish, bass ,carp or walleyes. Fishing is also good in Lake Ontario off the many piers and breakwalls. Fishing with small crayfish on the bottom can catch big smallmouth bass and the occasional sheepshead. So enjoy the summer good luck and great fishing.

    In New Yorks Costal Waters anglers will be targeting Striped Bass, Bluefish, Shark, Marlin, and Tuna. Fishing for these species is in full swing now, and is a certain possibility for a great outing. Dont pass up a nice diversion from your local waters.If you would like to get a salt water fishing report click here

  The Montauk Boatman's and Captain's Association Shark Tournament was held over the July 13 and 14, 2002 weekend. The lucky winners were aboard the Montauk Charter Boat King Wayne. First Place in the MBCA’s Shark Tournament went to the King and his crew of 4 Queens and 4 Jacks for pulling in a 330 Pound Blue Shark.

Congratulations To The Winners

Liz Lamberti
Mary Ellen Sharvin
Curtiss Melanson
Joanie Camuza
Rob Camuza
Kathy Hacker
Mark Clemins
Ray Diaz
First Place in the MBCA's Shark Tournament a 330 Pound Blue Shark

Lake Champlain Bass Fishing
  Pictured here is Steve Treadway he was on an exciting fishing trip to Lake Champlain in July of 2003. Fishing the area just South of Crown Point he caught this fantastic largemouth bass. This fine largemouth fell victim to a spinner bait. After a quick photo it was released to fight another day. Lake Champlain has a great warm water fishery for bass and panfish and cold water fishery for trout and salmon. This lakes diversity is one reason it is so popular among NY anglers.

  Pictured here is Tim Blackwell from Corning, NY. On July 29, 2004 he and his buddies were fishing on Seneca Lake For smallmouth bass. They were fishing just below Lodi Point When he caught this big northern pike. He was using a 4 and half inch Gene Larew Fat Tail Tube. The bass and pike fishing has been Good all summer and provides a great alternative to those days when the trout and salmon have lockjaw.

TJ  Blackwell from Corning, NY. was fishing on Seneca Lake For smallmouth bass. They were fishing just below Lodi Point. When he caught this big northern pike

Dylan Baker
  In July of 2003 four year old Dylan Baker was on an exciting fishing adventure to Lake Champlain with his father. Dylan is holding a 3 pound bass that he caught at Point Au Roche on Lake Champlain. It was caught on a black spinnerbait with double gold Colorado blades. Congratulations on a fantastic catch Dylan. For a long time the fantastic fishing on Lake Champlain was hiding in the shadows of other famous NY waters. Now Lake Champlain is fast becoming one of the best known fishing destinations for NY fisherman. The lake has a lot to offer every fisherman from panfish and bass to trout and landlocked salmon.

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