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  The main event this month is the fact that Bass season opens up later this month, and that is a long awaited occasion for most anglers. NY State has bass in almost all its waters. Some are more plentiful with Largemouth other have mostly Smallmouth, but both species are ranked highly by NY fisherman.

  Recent aquatic invaders like the zebra mussel and the round gobies have altered the food chain drastically. The smallmouth bass however have reacted in kind by finding an exploiting the round gobies as a food supply. Just for the record let it be known that it is against the law to possess or use gobies as bait in NY State.

  Lake Erie, Lake Onatrio, and the Niagara River have had exceptional bass fishing the the last few years with some of the heaviest fish ever. I would predict that the new NY State record smallmouth bass will be caught from this region sometime in the very near future. If you want to be famous book a smallmouth trip with a good guide and take a shot at 15 minutes of fame. One thing is for sure you will have a fantastic time and most likely catch the biggest bass of your life.

Jim Fisher with a 7 pound walleye caught during the Southtowns Walleye Tournament

  The date was June 19. 2007 when Jim Fisher was fishing Lake Erie and competing in the Southtowns Walleye Tournament. He was fishing in an area just outside of the Buffalo Harbor around the Departure Buoy. The bait of choice was a black and copper spinner worm combo. That was the winning combination that got the attention of this fantastic 7 pound walleye.

  The Southtowns Walleye Association of WNY was started by a handful of anglers who wanted to save the walleye from over harvesting by commercial fishermen in the New York State waters of Lake Erie. As a result of their efforts gill netting was banned in the New York waters of Lake Erie

  In June of 2007 Scott Enist was fishing on Lake Erie with Captain Tim Braun of Brauns Outdoors. This was Scotts biggest bass to date and it weighed in at just under 7 pounds. He is looking forward to a return visit this summer and may even catch a bigger bass this year.

Scott Enist was fishing on Lake Erie with Captain Tim Braun

 Captain Tim Braun offers fantastic fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Niagara River. Regardless of your level of experience Captain Tim will try to teach you new fishing techniques to catch more and bigger smallmouth bass. With his guidance you will be able to learn how to locate fish in all conditions.

James Lilly from Liverpool, NY caught this nice smallmouth from the Seneca River James Lilly from Liverpool, NY was fishing on the Seneca River In June, of 2006. Another fisherman told him about a big bass that would often splash about near his dock. James started fishing that area with a white bucktail jig tipped with a nightcrawler. Shortly there after James had a voracious strike. After a few drag screaming runs and a couple of spectacular leaps later this prize smallmouth was subdued. After a quick photo the fish was released to fight again another day. It's true what they say lunkers really do love nightcrawlers.

The date was June 29, 2006 when Carl H. Heckman from Farmingdale, New York, caught this 12 pound Weakfish aboard the open boat FISHFINDER fishing out of Captree State Park. The fish was caught on light spinning tackle using white Bass Assasins. on an evening trip 5pm to 9 pm.

The weakfish can be found from Nova Scotia to northern Florida. Weakfish can grow to 3 feet in length and close to 20 pounds. Weakfish feed mostly on herring, sand lance, silversides, croaker, spot, scup, killifishes, assorted shrimp, squid, crabs, worms, and clams.

Carl H. Heckman from Farmingdale, New York, caught this 12 pound Weakfish aboard the open boat FISHFINDER fishing out of Captree State

The current state record weakfish was caught by Dennis Rooney, of Seaford, NY on October 11, 1984. This incredible fish weighed 19.2 pounds. Weakfish are starting to make a come back and are being caught more often by recreational fisherman.

25 pound striper
  First week of June location Montauk Long Island target large striped bass. What a great trip myself and 5 friends were fishing with Captain Jack Passie aboard the Windy. One of the best Charter Captains to be found in Montauk. We had two fabulous days of fishing and look forward to next year in fact we already booked our trip. This 33 pound striped bass is just one of many we caught this trip. If you would like to catch bass like this visit the web site Long Island Fishing Charters And Party Boats. You will be glad you did.

   Pictured here is Gordon Bennett from Elmira NY. This is a photo of a hybrid striped bass caught from the Chemung River in June 0f 2001.The fish pictured is 7.5 lbs and 22.5 inches long. It took nearly 20 minutes to land this fish. I was using and a ultra light St. Croix rod. This was one of 6 that I had caught all year. It was released and could be caught again this year.This may not be one of the biggest hybrid bass ever caught, but very few people will ever catch one out of the Chemung River.

gordon bennett with a hybrid striped bass

  "Hybrid bass are not native residents of the Chemung river or any waters in NY for that matter. They are stocked in very few lakes across the state. The Hybrid Bass in the Chemung River are from the stock in PA. at the Tioga/Hammond dams. The dams are over 40 miles away, which means that this fish and the others caught, made there way from the dams. I have checked this information out with the DEC and they confirmed it. This may not be one of the biggest hybrid bass ever caught, but very few people will ever catch one out of the Chemung River. It truly is a trophy in its own right. I hope you enjoy the picture. Gordon Bennett

  The trout and salmon fishing in Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes remains fantastic, but they have moved farther off shore and deeper down trying to find the right temperature. At this time of the year the fish can picky and can move drasticaly around in the lake.

  Raymond Martin of Elmira, NY is pictured here with a 19 pound King Salmon caught from Lake Ontario on June 30, 2003. He was fishing in the 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby, but wound up a little short. No fish that could meet the 20 pound minimum requirement were weighed in that day, so the prize money is carried over to the next day and goes up to 2,000 dollars.
Raymond Martin of Elmira, NY is pictured here with a 19 pound King Salmon caught from Lake Ontario on June 30, 2003. He was fishing in the 1000 Dollar A Day Derby

James Drake with a nice Rainbow Trout
   Pictured here is James Drake with a nice Rainbow Trout he recently caught on an outing to Lake Ontario. This fish was caught on Penna Dolphin. Take a photo print Pirate 55 chartreuse and green with a silver belly and put a diagonal strip of glow green tape across it, like the old Northport Nailer. This was a hot spoon that day it caught most of the fish on this particular trip.

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