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March Fishing In NY State

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   March brings the first hints of spring. At this time of year a lot of things will start happening. Trout will begin the spring runs from Lake Ontario, and the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes streams are closed till April first. The Smelt will also begin to make their way up smaller streams as well. Following closely behind the smelt and trout will be the spring suckers. Fat and fiesty they offer an easy and fun day of angling. As soon as the ice is off the spring bullheads will also become active this can also be some fantastic fishing as they feed ravenously during the early spring months.

  Perch and Crappies start to move into shallower water and feed before spawning. This is the best time to perch fish on the Finger Lakes. The north end of Seneca Lake at Sampson State Park is fantastic this time of year for Yellow Perch, Pike, Pickerel, and Trout may also be caught here at this time of year. Cayuga Lake's north end is a magnet for spring perch and crappies. Oneida Lake is also good for walleyes and perch. Don't forget that walleye season closes on March 15.

Pictured here is Gregory Harris from Mount Vernon, NY. In March of 2004 he was fishing on New Croton Reservoir in Westchester County. Thats where he caught these two big Crappies that weighed in at 1.9 and a 2.2 pounds

  Pictured here is Gregory Harris from Mount Vernon, NY. In March of 2004 he was having an excellent day of crappie fishing on New Croton Reservoir in Westchester County. The big Crappies weighed in at 1.9 and a 2.2 pounds.

  The ice had just recently left the lake. Several days of sunny weather and temperatures in the 60 degree range quickly warmed up the shallower water. The big Crappies moved in to stake a claim to some of the prime spawning grounds. The bait of choice was a white 1/64 ounce jig tipped with wax worms. Smaller and slower moving baits are the the best approach for these early spring fish.

Ed Kostecky from Masury, Ohio and Dave Peck from Warren, Ohio
 Niagara River lakers

   In March of 2004 Ed Kostecky from Masury, Ohio and Dave Peck from Warren, Ohio booked a fantastic Niagara River fishing trip with Grant Koppers from sportfishingniagara.com. They caught and released 12 walleyes and 6 lakers over the slot limit. The walleyes were mostly males and the biggest was 11 1/4 lbs and had a 18 1/2 in. girth. They were using spot tails minnow on a three way swivel with 1 1/2 oz. lead drop weight. This was only the second time they used Grant the first time they had three fisherman on the boat caught and released 45 lakers, this guide really knows the river and the fish that are in it.

  The Niagara River gets it start as the waters of Lake Erie begin to collect up and start a journey of over 30 miles draining into Lake Ontario. On the way the river is divided into the Upper and Lower stretches by the wonderful gift of nature known as Niagara Falls. The river provides a natural border between the USA and Canada. It's waters are used to generate hydro electricity and to provide water for the Erie Canal.

  The upper section is a fantastic fishery for perch, bass, walleye and muskellunge. Fisherman can troll with lures or drift fish with live bait. Fish will congregate where ever the current has a break in it. Any dock or pier will give up some nice bass and the occasional muskie. The upper section of river isn't as treacherous as the lower section, but its waters should still be given plenty of respect as the current is still very strong.

  The lower section supports a fantastic fishery for steelhead, brown trout, lake trout, chinook salmon, coho salmon, bass, walleye, muskellunge, and perch. Most of the fish in the lower section of the river are from Lake Ontario, but find the waters of the Niagara River to be excellent habitat. These fish are able to go upstream as far as the falls. The Niagara River gorge is very steep and most fishing in this section of the river is by boat. There are many guides who will be happy to show you a wonderful time on the mighty Niagara River. Here are a few you may want to check out.

  The date was March 30, 2004 when Gerry L. from Lockport NY was fishing Four Mile Creek and caught this fantastic 26 inch steelhead. He was using 4 lb test line with a # 6 eagleclaw hook and a live minnow. That was the ticket to entice this wonderful steelhead that was shimmering with its spring spawning colors. After a quick photo it was released. For more information about the Four Mile Creek area please check out this link Four Mile State Park
Gerry  L.  from Lockport NY was fishing Four Mile Creek and caught this fantastic 26 inch steelhead

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