October Fishing In NY State

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  The lake fishing has slowed down considerably, and the often unpredictable fall weather keeps most fisherman off of Lake Ontario. Fishing for bass, walleyes, pike, and panfish remain excellent in the bays of Lake Ontario. However many fisherman are still in pursuit of trout and salmon in the larger Finger Lakes. They will be trolling for these fish along the mouths of streams which enter the lakes. This is a productive method, because these fish will be collecting up in these locations waiting on the stream levels to rise enough to enter. The streams entering the finger lakes are a lot smaller than those of Lake Ontario so the window of opportunity for these fish to make a stream run is smaller. It is more or less regulated by the rainfall which is generaly not sufficient for spawning runs till late October or early November.

  Most fishing will now be taking place in the tributaries of Lake Ontario. The streams are now full of Salmon, browns, and Steelhead. This can be be elbow to elbow combat fishing .There are sportsmen, purist, and poachers alike fishing the same waters and tempers can flare. Some folks will use 40 # test some 4# test line. Often the same anglers will fish the same spots so don't be surprised to see the same people fishing a spot when you go back there. Most fisherman who enjoy this fabulous fall fishing are easy going and very sociable. They will often give advice, suggest alternative fishing spots or loan you an extra hook or sinker. Lots of friendships have been created on these stream banks. Often when the fishing is slow good conversation can save the day.

   The best bass and walleye fishing one can ever experience can now be found in the Susquehana and Chemung Rivers. These fish put on a fall feeding spree that is beyond a descrpition. Imagine a limit of 4 and 5 pound smallmouth bass in less than a hour and a limit of nice walleyes too. This time of year it can be done. These fish are all moving to the key wintering grounds. Knowing where these spots are is the key to success at this time of year. They are deep pools at the ends of rifts or deep pools in the bends of the river. Often they have large boulders and or fallen trees to provide cover and break the current. Please use caution when fishing these key locations they often have steep banks and loose rocks which have been piled up with high water.

  These fish will hit a variety of baits and lures. Maribu Jigs in the 1/16 and 1/32 ounce size work well. Rapalas and Spinners also will catch fish, but the best bait at this time of year is a nice fat bass minnow fished on the bottom with as little weight as possible . Just cast him out let him sink and something will pick it up and guranteed. You can also retrieve the minnow slowly untill a hit is detected give him some slack, then whack him.

   The date was October 7, 2003. The place was Montauk NY. The fisherman was Raymond Martin of Elmira, NY. He is holding a 30 plus pound striped bass that was caught and released to fight another day. Still looking for that 40 pound plus fish and getting closer every year. Maybe next year will be the one. I'm sure Montauk will be the place many fish over 40 pounds are taken here every year. Fish over 50 pounds are becoming more common.

Dave Adams was fishing on the Upper Niagara River. He was fishing a perch colored stick bait when he caught this magnificent  Muskellunge. This fish weighed 14 pounds was 37 inches long. The upper Niagara River offers some excellent fall fishing for musky, bass and walleye    The date was October 19, 2003 when Dave Adams was fishing on the Upper Niagara River. He was fishing a perch colored stick bait when he caught this magnificent Muskellunge. This fish weighed 14 pounds was 37 inches long. The upper Niagara River offers some excellent fall fishing for musky, bass and walleye.

   The date was October 23, 2002 when John Stevens from New Jersey caught this nice Brown Trout in Olcott NY. This fish weighed 15 pounds was 31 inches long and had a girth of 18 inches. It was caught on a green crazy egg with 10 pound test main line and an 8 pound leader. Olcott is the home of the famous Eighteen Mile Creek which has very nice runs of Salmon, Browns, and Steelhead in the fall.
John Stevens from New Jersey caught this nice Brown Trout in Olcott NY

Mike Clarkin from Utica, NY    Pictured here is Mike Clarkin from Utica, New York. Mike was fishing with a buddy back on October 10, 2002. They were fishing from their own boat in the Salmon River Estuary. After a slow start the day turned out to be an adventure they would not soon forget. This fantastic salmon is one of ten fish caught that day.

  If you would like to learn more about salmon fishing in New York please read our article Chinook Salmon Fishing In NY. If you would like to learn more about fishing on the Salmon River please read our article Fishing The Salmon River. If you would like to hire a guide for your trip to the Salmon River visit our listing for Salmon River Guides.

Mike the mate on the Windy with a 30 pound striped bass
The lighthouse on the point in Montauk

  The date was October 7, 2003 Jim Cleary and his party of 5 from Elmira, NY took a fall trip to Montauk and it was fabulous. They were fishing for Striped Bass and Bluefish aboard the Charter Boat Windy with Captain Jack Passie. Mike the mate aboard the Windy is pictured with Jim Cleary holding a 30 pound Striper caught just off the point on Montauk. This is one of many caught and released this day. The bass were very cooperative as were the bluefish. Later that day they saw a 100 pound Bluefin Tuna brought in by another boat. The party boats did very well with the Porgies and Sea Bass. The weather was great and fishing was fantastic not a bad way to say good bye to summer.

  The date was October 17 2002 when Joe Del Buono from Wyckoff, NJ. decided to do some trout fishing. He was fishing off the wall in the Oswego River. When he caught this very nice 35 pound king salmon. He was using live bait looking for trout. To his surprise a rather large King Salmon took his presentation and gave him the fight of a lifetime.
Joe Del Buono from Wyckoff, NJ. with his 35 pound king salmon from the Oswego River.

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