Lake Ontario fishing
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Brian Erway Lake Ontario Trout
  Here is Brian Erway of Pine Valley New York with a very nice Lake Trout. This fish was caught July 10, 2001 about 7 miles off shore from Point Breeze, Lake Ontario on a charter boat. As you can see it was a beautiful day, but the wind was a big factor and it made it hard to get the proper trolling speed. We only seemed to catch fish when we trolled north so it was a bit slower than normal but still it was an awesome day.

Lake Ontario Lake Trout Fishing

   Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes that provide a border between Canada and United States. It is the 14th largest lake in the world. Lake Ontario is 193 miles long and 53 miles wide, with 726 miles of shoreline. Its average depth is 283 feet, and its maximum depth is over 800 feet. The main inlet is the Niagara River which is the outlet for Lake Erie. The only outlet for Lake Ontario is the St. Lawrence River that leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

  The lake trout is a member of the char family of fish. Lake trout are a native species of trout in NY waters. They can be found in the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes, and Adirondacks Lakes. These fish prefer deep colder water and can live upwards to 30 or 40 years in age. These fish can attain weights of up to 50 pounds.

   The NY state record lake trout was broken by Jesse Wykstra in August 2003 when he landed a 41 pound 8 oz lake trout from Lake Erie. He was fishing the Dunkirk area using an NK 28 spoon off a downrigger.The old NY state record lake trout weighed 39 lb. 8oz. There is a real chance that a bigger lake trout is swimming in the depths of Lake Ontario but for now Lake Erie will hold the new record.

  Lake trout do not spawn in streams like the other members of the trout family. They do not build nest either. They deposit the eggs on clean gravel beds in the lake bottoms at depths from 20 to 200 feet deep. The introduction of the zebra mussel and the round gobies have had a hard impact on the lake trouts ability to reproduce naturally.

  Fishing for lake trout is a challenge. Most fisherman will target lake trout using down riggers fishing spoons in 70 to 150 feet of water. Fisherman will also target Lake trout by using lead-core line, dipsey divers, and dropweights on flatlines, to get the lures to the desired depths. Another method that isn't so common anymore is known as pulling copper. This is a method where a fisherman in a small boat will use copper wire to drag a spoon or lure over the deepest water in the lake. It sounds odd but many a large laker has met his demise this way.

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Lake Ontario Lake Trout Fishing, Brian Erway With a nice Lake Ontario Lake Trout
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