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   The date was August 14, 2003 when Dave Criss and a couple of close friends were fishing aboard the BUC-A-ROO and participating in the 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby and the Orleans County Derby. It was the first hit of the morning when they caught this 28.27 pound King Salmon. This fish is a winner in the 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby for August 14, 2003. So a big congratulations goes out to Dave Criss on a job well done. The fishing is red hot and will only get better for the next few weeks.
On August 14, 2003 Dave Criss of Pine City NY caught this 28 pound 7 ounce King Salmon

King Salmon from Lake Ontario

  The 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby is new this year. It is open to all anglers in Canada and the US. The derby runs from May 1, 2003 to August 31, 2003 lake wide on Lake Ontario. The entry fee is $65.00 tax included for a single seasonal ticket. Charter Captains can sell you a one day ticket for $10.00. This is a very well run and organized derby and we encourage any one who may want to participate to do so. Grab a few of your closest friends and book a trip with a captain and who knows you may be the next big winner. Daily winners in the derby are entered in a grand prize drawing for a Lund 1700 fisherman with a 90 HP Honda 4 stroke engine. The grand prize will be awarded by a random drawing on September 20, 2003

  UPDATE   The 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby ran for two years and was very successful, but fell victim to financial difficulty due in part to the downturn in the economy and the addition of the weekly trout category. Also the captains were not required to sell tickets and the derby did not receive the support it had the first year. Derbies come and go. We sincerely hope someone will put together another as exciting as this one was in the near future.

On August 14, 2003
   Nothing beats a beautiful sunrise on the Lake Ontario. From looking at this picture it sure looks like it will be a good day for fishing. Wow was it ever this photo was taken shortly after sunrise just a few minutes before the big 28.27 pound salmon whacked a pirate 55 frog. And the rest is history!

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Dave Criss of Pine City N.Y. with this 28 pound King Salmon. He was fishing aboard the BUC-A-ROO and participating in the 1,000 Dollar A Day Derby and the Orleans County Derby
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