The most popular fish on Lake Erie is the walleye with smallmouth bass and perch being a close second
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  The date was November 6, 2004 when Joel Seachrist was fishing with his father on a small Lake Erie tributary. The fall steelhead run was just getting started. Joel was using an egg-sucking leech for bait when this big steelheead decided it looked pretty tasty. After a quick photo the fish was released to fight again. In the last few years the fishing in the Lake Erie tributaries has been better than the Lake Ontario tributaries. Just a thought when planning your next trip. Please consider catch and release to help keep this wonderful fishery going.
Joel Seachrist was fishing a small Lake Erie tributarywith an egg-sucking leech for bait when this big steelheead decided it looked pretty tasty

Fishing Lake Erie Tributaries

 Lake Erie has a few secrets which are becoming very well known. The first one is the huge lake trout which have been taken recently. The NY state record lake trout was broken by Jesse Wykstra in August 2003 when he landed a 41 pound 8 oz lake trout from Lake Erie. He was fishing the Dunkirk area using an NK 28 spoon off a downrigger. The old NY state record lake trout weighed 39 lb. 8oz. There is a real chance that a bigger lake trout is swimming in the depths of Lake Ontario but for now Lake Erie will hold the new record.

 Another well kept secret about Lake Erie may be that the best smallmouth bass fishing in the Northeastern United States can be found here. The last five NY state record smallmouths have come from Lake Erie, with the current record standing at 8 lbs., 4 oz. Anglers can also enjoy an early bass season on Lake Erie, which runs from the 1st Saturday in May until the 3rd Saturday in June. During this early season, there is a one fish limit and 15" minimum size requirement.

 The third well kept secret about Lake Erie is the excellent runs of steelhead that are available to Lake Erie tributary anglers from September through April. Cattaraugus Creek has become famous throughout the Northeast for its incredible fishing. However there are many smaller streams less known that have the same quality of fishing.

 If you are interested in keeping tabs on the best Lake Erie Fishing Hotspots this link will keep you up to date on the action.

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Fishing Lake Erie Tributaries
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