Fishing on the Oswego River is great all year. The summer months provide fantastic bass and walleye fishing. The fall provides excellent trout and salmon fishing. During the winter months the steelhead reigns king. Spring fishing is also awesome as well. Spring time anglers on the river may encounter any and all species of fish that exist in the Lake Ontario waters
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 4 walleyes that weighed in at an 14 pounds, 11.5 pounds, 10.5 pounds, and 8.5 pounds
Ken Hemshrot with his Lake Ontario trophy 14 pound walleye

Oswego Walleye Fishing

  Memorial Day 2005, Ken Hemshrot and his son had a fabulous night walleye fishing trip on the Oswego River with Shane Thomas of the Gottum Guide Service. The photo on the left shows 4 walleyes that weighed in at an 14 pounds, 11.5 pounds, 10.5 pounds, and 8.5 pounds. Ken's son Kenny caught his first legal NY State Walleye, and it was an incredible 11.5 pounds. Of course not to be outdone dad came through with a 14 pound whopper. Kenny's 11.5 and Ken's 14 pounder are going to be mounted. It was a very memorable Memorial Day for Ken Hemshrot and his son.

  Move over salmon look out steelhead make way for the new kid on the block the Monster Lake Ontario Walleye. Yes, they have been there for a while, but the secret is out of the bag now. The LOC Derby even has a walleye category now which goes to show how much respect and attention these big walleyes are getting. A 12 pound walleye won the new division but a 10 pound walleye would not even finish in the top ten spots. Are they feeding heavily on the gobies lets hope so maybe the state record will fall this year!

  The great walleye fishing that New York State has to offer is in large part due to the efforts of the Oneida Fish Hatchery. Oneida Lake provides all of the walleye eggs for New York's stocking program. Each year DEC produces approximately 300,000 pond-reared, 190,000 intensively reared, and 190,000,000 walleye fry to be stocked into more than 50 diffrent bodies of waters across the state.

  The Oswego River is formed by the Oneida and the Seneca rivers. It is approximately 23 miles long and enters Lake Ontario in the City of Oswego. The Oswego River is second only to the Niagara River in size as a Lake Ontario tributary.

   The Oswego River has several dams that are used to hold back water for the canal system and to generate electrical power. The Varick power dam is the first one that blocks the fish migration upstream. It is located right in the city about a mile up from where the river enters the harbor. In the fall the steelhead, brown trout, and salmon will collect up below the dam providing anglers with a fantastic fishing opportunity.

  The Oswego Harbor is a commercial shipping port. It is also the gateway to the NYS Barge Canal, better known as the Erie Canal. Its sheltered waters offer fisherman a refuge on those days when the lake is a bit to rough to venture out on. Oswego Harbor is referred to by many as the best port on Lake Ontario.

   Fishing the Oswego Harbor can really produce some amazing results. In the spring it offers a fantastic fishery for brown trout and steelhead. In the summer bass and walleye fisherman are here in large numbers. As the summer nears it end usually in mid September the salmon will collect up in the harbor prior to the fall run. Once they have become concentrated in the harbor they offer anglers a wonderful fishing opportunity.

   The Oswego area of Lake Ontario has produced a World Record Coho Salmon as well as the New York State Record Brown Trout . Stephen M. Sheets of Woolrich, Pa., caught the record breaking coho that weighed in at 33.45 pounds on August 13, 1998. Tony Brown of Schenectady, NY caught the new state record brown of 33-pounds, 2-ounces on June 10, 1997. Both of these fantastic fish were taken by clients of local charter captains.

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Oswego Walleye Fishing
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